Take it Outside

During my recent trip to Oman, I spent a great deal of my time relaxing on a huge outdoor armchair and whiling away the hours with books, drinks and fresh fruit. The whole experience was so utterly relaxing that it makes me want to recreate it at home. Beautiful gardens are wonderful things, but how many of us actually take the time to sit outside, out our feet up and enjoy all the hard work which has gone into it. Gardens aren’t just for labouring in!

I’m completely taken with the idea of transforming a garden into an outdoor living space, and what does every good living space need? An amazing chair. Outdoor sofas are incredibly inviting. Even if it’s a bit cooler outside, as long as it’s dry there’s no reason why you can’t fire up the brazier, get a blanket and hunker down on the al fresco couch.

The Zest Armchair from Occa Home has stolen my heart. Complete with water repellent and fade resistant cushions, there’s no better place to snuggle up, take in some fresh air and enjoy the garden view.

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