Aesop Chamomile Anti Blemish Mask

aesop face mask review

My skin is a fickle thing. It doesn’t just lean to the dry side, it’s also spot prone and easily conjested. So, the richer creams and lotions it craves tend to break it out, make it bumpy and generally gross looking. It is bratty, my complexion. Bratty, and difficult to please.

Face masks are a staple in my skin care routine, because of the whole congestion issue. A good clay mask is as important to me as cleanser for keeping my skin looking healthy, but here’s thing thing: it needs to be gentle enough to be used a few times per week without drying my skin, while powerful enough to soak up the cack in my pores.

I have found just the thing. It goes by the name of Aesop Chamomile Anti Blemish Mask, and this is officially a glowing review.

This clay mask feels almost slippery and lotion like in the jar – it’s very soft and luxurious for a spot treatment mask. It dries quickly, but without feeling too tight. It’s very comfortable to use; there’s no stinging and it’s easy to wash off so you don’t have to spend five minutes aggravating your skin by scrubbing it with a hot wash cloth.

Used regularly,  Aesop Chamomile Anti Blemish Mask keeps my skin bump free and without pesky congestion around the jaw and chin. The wonderful thing about it though is that it doesn’t strip my skin and turn it into a dehydrated, dry flaky mess which inevitably leads to more spots. It’s a bit of a hero product, actually, and one which I won’t be without any time soon. Just look how well loved it is…

You can pick up yours from Beauty Expert (free delivery), Cult Beauty and Liberty.